Stylist since 2012. Stylist.


-What inspires you?

I find myself inspired by everything around me.  I enjoy driving around Lake Washington, listening to music and photography. I’m also inspired by architecture especially anything by Antoni Gaudi. I find inspiration in artists like Audrey Kawasaki and Alphonse Mucha and also the art and comics I do which are inspired by traveling circus’ from the early 20th Century.


-What is your educational background? 

I have a BA in Fine Arts, with a focus in traditional illustration and fashion design. After working in S.F. freelancing in fashion design for various boutiques and putting on fashion and art shows, I wanted to follow my passion of being a stylist. I received my certificate in cosmetology from the Gary Manuel AVEDA Institute. During my tenure at GMAI, I was a student council member and Lead assistant for the editorial team.  The past year I have worked with DLIST Magazine, Steamcon, Bridal expo etc. I have taken various advanced technique collection classes with the London AVEDA Academy and the New York AVEDA Academy. I continue to take educational classes and training with AVEDA as well as staying up to date on the latest hair and fashion trends. 


-What are your service strengths?

My Biggest strengths are Cut and Color! I have 8+ years of color theory.  I love creating exotic colors found in nature. I am strong in attention to detail, especially when highlighting hair I enjoy meticulous detail in application and placement. When it comes to hair cutting, I pay especially close attention to the way hair grows and potential trouble areas that can cut short the life of a haircut when not addressed correctly. I also love doing extensions, from sew in, clip in and braid in, dreads, I have 15+ years’ experience in braiding and extensions. Hair is ever changing and so my approach to hair is as different as each client that sits in my chair and deserves detail to their lifestyle and maintenance regimen.

When did you receive your license?

I received my cosmetology license in the state of Washington at the beginning of 2012.


-What's your favourite AVEDA product?

Brilliant Damage Control is  hands down by far the most effective and in my opinion the best AVEDA product on the shelf. It acts a detangler and pushes out water with natural amino acids.  Damage Control is also a UV protectant for hair and scalp and is a heat protectant of up to 450 degrees!

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