Guest Relations


Whats your education background?

It took me a long time to figure out what I truly wanted to do in life. After graduating from Highschool at 16 , I bounced around and dabbled in many different career paths; From graphic design to Metal smithing. I understood my calling when I discovered the Herbal Science program at Bastyr University. I have always been obsessed with medicinal plants, especially when it comes to skin care. While working on my pre-reqs I have completed a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, a Certificate on the Foundations of Essential Oils and I am 5 credits away from my Sustainable Agriculture Certificate. I have recently decided to take a break from my Bachelors and focus on getting hands on experience.

I am now enrolled in the Esthetician program at Gary Manuel Aveda Institute. When asked why I chose this school over other programs I told them the Aveda Institute is the only Esthetician school I would go to because of their holistic approach and their science to back it up.


What are your hobbies?

Gardening, cooking/baking from scratch, researching different subjects, lots of crafts (sewing, needle felting, making zines, etc), making homemade herbal remedies and tinctures. Last but not least making music when I have the time.


What is your favorite Aveda product?

Beautifying Composition Oil. I have always used the mindset less is more when it comes to a face regiment. I like to keep mine simple and the Beautifying Oil is so versatile. Plus the scent is very balancing for an Air Infinity like me. We just got some new Beautifying products for the whole body that I cant wait to try.


What is your song of the moment?

Mars Red Sky, "Strong Reflection". They are one of my favorite bands from France. I am all about French culture, from their philosophy on eating to gardening techniques. Love it!

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